Company History

image2In 1983, Radiation Data began with a mission to serve each of our clients with integrity, accuracy, and personal attention. Since then, we’ve been providing residential and commercial indoor air safety testing, consulting, and remediation services. We are known for our helpful, caring, and fair attitude and well renowned for our technical proficiency, scientific approach, and high responsiveness.

When radon became a national priority in 1986, we already had three years of experience. As our experience has grown, we have expanded the ways we can help keep your home safe. Today, we provide services beyond radon testing, including radon mitigation, volatile organic compound (VOC) testing and mitigation, basement waterproofing, and mold testing and remediation.

Contact the original radon experts at Radiation Data for your all of your air quality needs and let us find a solution to your problem. Our work speaks for itself.

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