Our Credentials

To assure state residents that testing and remediation are performed efficiently and to the highest possible standards, New Jersey law requires that the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) certify radon measurement and mitigation businesses. All persons who perform radon measurement tests or mitigation in New Jersey must also be certified. A person must demonstrate sufficient education and experience, take DEP approved training course(s) and pass a written examination.

In New Jersey, residents should only work with businesses that are certified to measure and/or remediate radon. Individuals from the businesses must have proof of certification and homeowners should ask to see that proof. Each certification is good for a year and then must be renewed with the state. Even the radon test devices sold in stores are required to be from companies that the DEP has certified.

Radiation Data is certified as all types of radon business available in New Jersey:

  1. Certified Measurement Business: MEB90016
  2. Certified Mitigation Business: MIB90016
  3. NJ Contractors License: 13VH06597500
  4. Laboratory Certification ID: 18017

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