Why Radiation Data?

As the Original Radon Experts™, The Radiation Data name ensures a service level and expertise that’s unprecedented in the industry. Over the years, we’ve become known for more than just our radon expertise. We are an indoor air quality solutions firm that provides residential and commercial testing, consultation, certification, installation, and remediation services for radon, mold, waterproofing and VOC vapors. We protect the public from the consequences of radon gas and give customers the peace of mind that their air quality is safe.

Some of the reasons why our customers choose us are listed below

Knowledgeable and experienced. Founded by and owned by a nuclear physicist who has great insight into testing protocols. Most employees have 10+ average years of services, and all staff are full-time employees.

Best in class. Company standards are higher than regulatory standards, and diagnostic testing and mitigation is the most accurate and rigorous in the industry.

Responsive. Provides same-day test results and is able to respond quickly and address problems when they are diagnosed because trucks are fully stocked.

More than just radon. Focuses not only on radon, but also on providing holistic indoor air quality/safety solutions related to mold, basement waterproofing, and VOC/vapor intrusion.

Committed to the public. Radiation Data truly cares about public safety and health and treats customers with a friendly, supportive approach, providing education to help inform people of the dangers of radon gas, mold and VOC vapors.

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