Educational Facilities



The presence of young adults and children in educational and childcare facilities makes radon testing and mitigation of those buildings all the more important.

Although the school testing law was rescinded in 2004, the NJ DEP strongly recommends that schools still do testing of all occupied schoolrooms that are in contact with the ground or above unoccupied basements.

In New Jersey, state law requires that the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) further certify any radon measurement and mitigation businesses that wish to perform work for schools.

The individuals performing the field work must be either New Jersey certified Radon Measurement Specialists or Technicians, or they may be school district employees who have completed a one-day training course. This course, which we offer at our facilities in Skillman, NJ, allows school district employees to set and retrieve radon tests at the school where they currently work.

At Radiation Data, we can help your district design a school testing program, place and retrieve test kits, or train district employees to conduct the testing. To schedule school testing, or to sign up for one of our training courses, call our office at 609-466-4300.

The course fee is reasonable and special class arrangements are available for multiple attendees from your school district.


Should you discover elevated radon levels in any part of your facility, one of our experts at Radiation Data will come perform an evaluation of the property and develop a plan to prevent radon from reaching dangerous levels. We will then give you a firm price for your radon mitigation, which is guaranteed not to change. We specialize in quickly and efficiently diagnosing radon entry pathways and we have an array of mitigation solutions we employ to keep educational facilities safe for young students and adults alike.

We’ve successfully performed radon mitigation for a wide range of educational facilities, from the largest and most prestigious area universities to entire school districts, as well as pre-k educational facilities and small, in home daycares.

Contact our experts to learn more.