Home Inspectors


We provide home inspectors and their clients with the convenience of same-day test results. As one of the top radon testing laboratories in the United States, we have conducted over one million tests for our clients.  In New Jersey, we’ve analyzed over 60% of all radon tests ever performed statewide.  You can rely on our experience and integrity to ensure you get accurate and affordable radon test results.

We support an extensive network of home inspectors. In New Jersey alone, over 60% of home inspectors use Radiation Data.

Why do so many home inspectors choose to use Radiation Data?

  • We are certified by a variety of state and national organizations
  • We provide our inspectors with charcoal test kits and portable analyzers (CRMs)
  • We conduct all state reporting for our affiliates
  • Test results from our lab are prompt and accurate
  • We send reports by mail, phone, fax, email, or any combination of these to make our client’s job easier
  • Special services such as weekend processing are available by advance request at no extra charge
  • The radon section of the State of New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection approved us to teach the introductory certification course to our home inspectors
  • We have a Nuclear Physics Ph.D. from Columbia University on our full-time staff. Our Radon Measurement Specialists are always available for a phone consultation with you, your clients, or other concerned parties.
  • We offer home inspectors an inexpensive introductory package with no obligations involved.

Need to order test kits for your clients? Complete our contact form and let us know how many kits you need.