Real Estate Agents


When it comes to building trust and credibility with clients who are navigating the real estate process, it all comes down to your expertise and who you know. Refer your home inspectors, sellers and buyers to Radiation Data, the only radon mitigation firm that provides same-day test results to ensure a quick path to closing.

We’re here to provide you and your clients with the best advice on radon-related issues. This service is offered at no charge and often helps to save a real estate deal that might otherwise fall through over concerns linked to radon gas.

In addition to working to support your real estate deal, our staff is trained to offer fair and competitive prices to your clients. We will never raise our prices at the time of the installation when the client has no chance to find another contractor.  Bait and switch tactics have been widely reported by clients of other mitigation firms, but Radiation Data always works with you to understand your situation and quotes you the right price for the work that is required.

Looking for continuing education credits?  Radiation Data can provide one and three credit NJ REC approved classes on Radon Testing and Mitigation for realtors.  We have taught these courses at many county realtor offices and would be pleased to hold them at yours.

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