Residential Builders


With best-in-class radon and basement dampness control solutions for new home construction, you can be sure all of properties are expertly pre-piped and that vapor and moisture issues are addressed well before you go to the market. This is an advantage for you and your prospective buyers.

In Tier 1 communities, every new home being built must be pre-piped, and by partnering with Radiation Data, you can ensure that not only are the pipes installed as legally required, but also that the systems will be constructed so that if mitigation is ever necessary, the work can be performed in the most cost-efficient and effective at preventing radon entry manner.

Outside of Tier 1 communities, more builders are choosing to pre-pipe homes than ever before, and the experts at Radiation Data are here to help you determine where and when to include radon system piping as an additional feature for prospective buyers.

For builders working in wet or damp areas, Radiation Data can also assist by offering dampness control systems. These systems look and operate in a very similar manner to a radon system, but instead of preventing radon from entering the home, work to remove extra dampness from underneath the home. High levels of humidity under the slab can cause deterioration of the foundation or the slab, as well as promote mold and fungus growth in the basement. Radiation Data’s dampness control systems can eliminate these concerns for you and your buyers.

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