Professional Training

2-Day Radon Measurement Technician Certification Course

If you are interested in getting certified as a radon measurement technician, we offer a 2-day, 16-hour course, which is tailored to help you past the NJ Certification test. Contact Radiation Data for the next available course offering.

Correspondence Course for Your Measurement Technician Certification Continuing Education

If you need 4 credit hours of continuing education credits to renew your Measurement Technician Certification, you may take our test by mail or online.

Fees: The fee for processing this test is $75. If you are a dealer who uses the Radiation Data Lab for your charcoal canister test kits, your fee is $50. If you have an account with Radiation Data, the fee can be charged to your account.

School District Employee Exemption Course

The individuals performing the field work must be either New Jersey certified Radon Measurement Specialists or Technicians, or they may be school district employees who have completed a one-day training course. This course, which we offer at our facilities in Skillman, NJ, allows school district employees to set and retrieve radon tests at the school where they currently work.

Study Materials: Refer to the booklet provided during the MET certification course, as well as the state’s information site: (You may also find the “NJ Study Guide” and the “EPA Protocols for Radon Testing” helpful.) If you need reprints of these documents, the charge is $75. They are sent to you by ordinary mail. Similarly, if you cannot download the course materials provided here, they can also be mailed to you for an additional charge of $15.

To Request the Test or Study Materials By Mail:

Either phone Radiation Data at 1-609-477-4300, or email us at You may also write to:

Radiation Data
P. O. Box 150
Skillman, NJ 08558

The test and any other materials that you request will be mailed to you.

A passing grade on the exam is 70%. If you achieve at least that (and after your fees have been paid), you will be mailed a course certificate.

Directions for Taking the Test

  • If you wish to take the test by mail, you will download the review materials and the test itself (in any of the supplied formats). Then print out the test, complete it, and mail it with your registration fee (see below) to Radiation Data at the address shown above. To download the materials, click here: Download Materials.
  • If you wish to take the test online, you should still download the review materials, but not the test. When you are ready to take the test, return to this page and use the following link to Take The Test: Download the test.

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