Vapor Intrusion

At Radiation Data, we create custom solutions based on our clients’ individual needs.  Using knowledge gained from over 100 years of combined experience specializing in vapor intrusion solutions, we identify and eliminate the hazardous conditions caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a timely, cost effective manner. 

We have a wide range of experience in air quality services for large and small commercial facilities, as well as individual residences.  We have done vapor intrusion work throughout the continental United States and Puerto Rico.  When the EPA needed vapor intrusion mitigation in New Jersey, they relied on the experts at Radiation Data to provide a mitigation solution.

VOC mitigation systems require careful analysis of sub-slab air-flows and pressure field profiles.  Our history of designing and installing radon system systems makes us particularly qualified to both prepare and install highly successful, cost-effective, and efficient VOC mitigation systems.

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